Subvention and Prices

2 hours Body, Soul and Mind coaching 900 DKK
2 hours Body, Soul and Mind coaching for students 750 DKK
2 hours Standing Treatment with my talented work colleague Lionel from France and me ,inc. time with follow-up on treatment. 1200 DKK
1 hour Cranio-Sacral Therapy 600 DKK
45 min./1hour Reflexology with hand/face massage 400/500 DKK
1 hour Healing from the heart incl. therapeutic dialogue 500 DKK
1 hour Treatment in Motion with focus on self-esteem 500 DKK

More than 2 million Danes have health insurance and most of them cover reflexology as treatment for for example, disorders of the locomotion apparatus like back, shoulder or knee pain. I cooperate with the following insurance companies: Sygeforsikring danmark, Danica Pension, Scandia Lifeline, Tryg, TopDanmark, Nordea Liv & Pension Smertefri, PFA Pension, IF Sundhedsforsikring Super, Sundhedsdoktor, Codan Sundhedssikring.

I am normally able to settle the accounts directly with the insurance company but sometimes you will need to pay me before being reimbursed by the insurance company. Do not forget to contact your insurance company for treatment approval before coming to see me. Occasionally you will be asked to see your doctor first.

For members of Sygeforsikring danmark I claim the reflexology session directly with the insurance company which then reimburses you. 2016 reflexology rates for reimbursement are 110 DKK for the first session and 70 DKK for the following until the 12-month limit of 670 DKK is reached.