Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST)

People have all sorts of reasons to visit a cranio-sacral therapist. You are equally welcome whether you come to indulge and take care of yourself, because you live a hectic life and know that CST is a fantastic preventativeKraniosakral Terapi method of maintaining, rebalancing and nurturing your body and mind with your current lifestyle or because a specific physical, mental or emotional reason has brought you here.

The first session is always a bit longer than the consequent ones because we start by discussing your specific needs, what your expectations are and how to create a tailor-made way of addressing this.

During the treatment you enjoy the CST fully dressed whilst relaxing on my therapy couch covered by a blanket. I release the tensions and blockages around your head, spine, hips, knees, feet and ankles by applying light and careful pressure with my fingers. Your body will be “heard and obliged to” while I with my hands “listens” to the subtle movement and rhythm of your body. You are most likely to experience deep relaxation and not rarely an almost meditative sleep.

CST functions by working with the pulse and rhythm that exists in the liquid protecting your brain and nervous system in your spinal cord. The aim is to support and influence the body to heal itself. I have a more holistic approach to dis-ease compared to more traditional treatments that focus on disease or illness more in isolation and as separate symptoms.

I have successfully helped my clients with many different problems including emotional imbalance, post-cardiac operative tension and pain, tension and pain post hip-replacement, inexplicable pain in arms, hands, legs, knees and feet, headache and migraine, whiplash, symptoms of stress, pain in back and neck, anxiety, feelings of being empty inside, insomnia, states of shock, pelvic pain (SPD) and much more.

CST is a craft that was developed in the beginning of the 19th century that that holds huge potential for personal growth. I have had amazing results combining strict manual techniques with more spiritually based energy techniques. I always work with the subtle movements of your body and the energy that exists and is exchanged between two interacting human beings.

I look forward to working with you.