Body, Mind and Soul Coach

Finding the way to your inner self with Jette.

If you want more colour in your life, I can help you to recognise and deal with the personal challenges which currently drain you and stop you from living your most colourful and fulfilling life.

I will teach you to feel your heart in order to help you to recognise and understand what you really want and need in your everyday life.

When we experience physical or physiological problems, the reason often is that we have not listened to or have ignored our inner voice of our heart, which always has the answer to any questions we might have.

Is it just a need for security that makes you hold onto your old job even though it no longer brings you any satisfaction or joy? Do you still want or need the same type of relationships with family and friends that you currently have? How about your hobbies: do they still give you pleasure, joy and energy?

If we continue to deny our own needs year after year, it affects our mental state and over time manifests itself in our body: in aches, pains and illnesses.

At this point you might be thinking, “If I spend so much time taking care of myself and my own needs, how could I possibly have time to be there for my family and friends?” It actually works exactly like the emergency drill we’ve all heard so many times as our plane is about to take off. The air hostess always instructs us to put on our own oxygen mask first. We are not capable of helping anyone with their mask if we aren’t conscious and breathing ourselves. It might seem so obvious but this translates so well into our own daily life. In the long run taking care of your oxygen (or life-force) first is the best way to ensure you can take care of your children and other co-passengers on that flight and everywhere else in life.

I can help you to easily and truly connect with yourself, allowing you the possibility to create better balance in your LIFE.

I can help you to be conscious of your inner feelings and how they affect your body. You will increase your capacity to recognise, express and accept what you feel, in order to enable your body to let go of your constraints. it will become easier for you to feel in your heart what you want and need in your life, once you learn to connect with and feel your body and heart in the present moment. It will become easier to say NO to what you do not feel like doing or need, yet people will still accept your decisions because you are speaking from your heart, which is your true self.

I will be able to find the reason behind the constraints of your physical and mental life by making you more aware of your body, how it feels and what it’s saying to you. Let’s say that you are experiencing anxiety or strong anger. That energy generated by those emotions will block energy in parts of your body as well as burdening you mentally and emotionally. This can manifest itself through pain, tiredness, frustrations and so on.

I use dialogue, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, healing from the heart, shiatsu massage, regular massage, clairvoyance and change-of-thinking patterns through affirmations in my treatment.

I can also provide long-distance treatments via Skype. My clients live in places as far apart as Australia, France, the USA and England.